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  1. Ideas for matches in a training
  2. Junior Training
  3. Flipball
  4. Service? Ideas?
  5. How old are your beginners?
  6. How many hours (a week) do you play
  7. Where are the defenders?
  8. How do you train in your country?
  9. limits & potential
  10. What additional sport do you to support your table-tennis training?
  11. What is other in the Training in foreign countries?
  12. Videos about "Long Pimples"
  13. About warm up time and method
  14. World Championship 2003: trends for a new style of the future
  15. Defenders back again?
  16. Forum rules
  17. Correcting the Tennis Backhand Turn - video
  18. Gao Jun Video Instructions - Loop Drive
  19. Gao Jun coaches Gary Romig
  20. Position, Grip, Power and Service Return - Cheng Yinghua
  21. Cheng Yinghua coaches Matt Winkler - mpg Video - Formated for VCD
  22. Jack Huang coaches Mike Didio
  23. Cheng Yinghua coaches Robert Trudell
  24. John Porter clowns with coach, Jack Huang
  25. Cheng Yinghua coaches Wayne Johnson
  26. Werner Schlager's Services
  27. Defense playing system: Modern or (and?) classic style?
  28. Practicing bounce between shots
  29. How to Play Table Tennis
  30. Fun a Key Element in an Athlete's Training & Development
  31. Coaching / Teaching - Less Is More
  32. Enhance A Young Players Development
  33. Goal Setting in Table Tennis
  34. How to make good services in table tennis
  35. Physical Preparation for Table Tennis Players
  36. Warm up and stretching techniques for table tennis players
  37. How important sport is for kids and new ideas
  38. Dr. Johan Pion "Towards a sustainable talent system ... "
  39. Dr. Johan Pion "Towards a sustainable talent system ..."
  40. Joze Urh Impact of Footwork and Balance On Making Contact With The Ball