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Alt 25.05.2001, 14:28
Uwe Hermann Uwe Hermann ist offline
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Talents in the world? New Waldners?

What about new talents in the world? Which 16 to 21 old players do you know, which have the ability to enter the World TOP10 or TOP20?
Is there a new Waldner? Who can break the chinese wall? Are there unknown new chinese or swedish players?
In Germany, there is Timo Boll. I think he will enter the TOP20, but he has not the chance to "kill" 3 chinese players in a row, like Waldner. Boll can beat Wang Liquin or Kong Linghui or Liu Guoliang or Ma Lin or Liu Guozheng, but he cannot beat all them in one Tournament. The one and only, who had the ability was the "big old man of TT" Jan-Ove Waldner.
What is your opinion?
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Alt 25.05.2001, 14:41
Chris Kratzenstein Chris Kratzenstein ist gerade online
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I think Valimir Samsonov also has the ability as Waldner to beat all the Chinese players in one tournament.
Boll I think the same as you Uwe. He will probably not be able to beat all the Chinese in a row.
But what do you think of Adrian Crisan? In my opinion he is not much weaker then Timo at the moment. So also only Top 20!??!

Maybe one of them or even both will make a step forward and get much better at once. Maybe then they can beat the chinese wall. But only maybe

Bye Chris
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Alt 27.05.2001, 12:06
zachary zachary ist offline
Registriert seit: 08.02.2001
Ort: Konstanz
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Question: how old was Timo Boll when the DTTB decided that he was a potential future champion who deserved to be encouraged and helped in his development?

What exactly have they done for him? z.B. have they sponsored him to train overseas?

Or are such things usually left to corporate sponsors like Joola or Stiga?

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Alt 22.11.2001, 00:56
Benutzerbild von Cissai
Cissai Cissai ist offline
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Registriert seit: 25.05.2001
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In the German Bundesliga are some very good young player.
For example Constantin Cioti from Romania is a young talent.
He plays in the best TT-league in the world and is only 17 or 18 years old. Maybe he will be one of the best players in a few years.
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Alt 22.11.2001, 12:25
Volkmar Volkmar ist offline
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Why are you looking for a new JOW? He is an extraordinary player, probably the best for decades. There are many other good players, but no one can compete. He is -perhaps was - simply a TT-genius.

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Alt 02.01.2004, 22:06
Benutzerbild von Nosti49
Nosti49 Nosti49 ist offline
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Re: Talents in the world? New Waldners?

@ All:

this old thread shows nice guesses only two years ago regarding Timo Boll....

Time meanwhile went on !

Any other young European players, who might be able to reach the top ten in the near future ??

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Alt 31.01.2004, 10:39
Benutzerbild von Nosti49
Nosti49 Nosti49 ist offline
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Ort: Anrath/Tönisvorst-Vorst
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Re: Talents in the world? New Waldners?

Hi all,

I have found two new talents (in the www-sites):

1) Matiss Burgis from Lettland (14 years old)
2) János Jákab from Hungary (17 years old)

Any other young talents you know ?


Geändert von Nosti49 (31.01.2004 um 16:11 Uhr).
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Alt 26.10.2005, 11:29
Benutzerbild von Truffel
Truffel Truffel ist offline
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AW: Talents in the world? New Waldners?

Germany has many good young players such as Patrick Baum, Ruwen Filus, Dimitrji Ovtcharov. But i think they can't become "new waldners". Even the top talnets from China Wang Hao, Chen Qi can't become so successful like Jan-Ove Waldner it was.
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Alt 27.11.2005, 16:18
Josip Josip ist offline
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Registriert seit: 27.11.2005
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AW: Talents in the world? New Waldners?

there is one name missing: MA LONG!!! :boing:

and there is a other good koreaner player, too, but i forgot his name, maybe somebody other knows?
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Alt 31.12.2005, 09:56
Andy>eXP Andy>eXP ist offline
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Registriert seit: 31.12.2005
Ort: New Zealand
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AW: Talents in the world? New Waldners?

Ma Long and no other chinese player will become a new Waldner, because Waldner ist round about 40 years old and chinese players stop their carreer much earlier.
And there will be everytime new chinese players which are on top and nobody of them will be their for generations.
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