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KeKo 05.11.2017 02:07

Weak Umpires
Hello all,

I was watching a lot of the ETTU Youth Olympic Games Qualification games through and I was wondering about why so many Umpires are not able to announce the current score.

I was watching the Belgium Open at second Screen, the Umpires at this tournement do a great job. Why were the good Umpires at Belgium and there was so less interest in the Youth Olympic qualification ?

Peter Igel 07.11.2017 15:39

AW: Weak Umpires
they are not even able to announce the current score, they are completely blind.
Don't see balls touching the edge neither services far beyond from good and evil.

And have dramatic failures in throwing balls over a distance from 3 meters!
Many ball system disqualifies more than 90 percent of all umpires!

Ganz gutes Schulenglisch, oder?:D

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