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Alt 27.09.2017, 09:51
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How to start a table tennis program at our local YMCA

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to start a table tennis program/free play at my local YMCA. Although I'm not yet a member there, I'm planning on becoming one, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions of how I should go about asking the YMCA person in charge of making decisions on starting this new table tennis program that I have in mind.**

I've visited the site and it's really nice. They have this big multipurpose room: high ceiling, wood flooring, probably could fit 4 tables side by side with lots of space in between, that would be perfect for table tennis. This room is where they have programs like zumba and yoga and dancing and stuff like that. The mirrors may be a distraction but that's a minor issue in my opinion.**

Any and all suggestions, tips, pointers, advice is welcome. I am currently playing in a local table tennis club and we meet up 3x a week at 3 different locations(all City and County facilities, 2 hallrooms, and a gym) and I'm just trying to expose this awesome sport to more people.

Thank you guys very much for all of your input.
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Alt 29.09.2017, 22:14
Uranus Uranus ist offline
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AW: How to start a table tennis program at our local YMCA

Maybe you should show them a short video with impressions of all kind of table tennis. 1 great rally of pro players, then young ambitious cadets, amateur players of all ages including 70+.

With this you can show them, that it is an olympic highspeed sport, but also a lifetime sport for all generations, even with a health program for old agers (heart etc.).

60-90 seconds video and after that you can explain your proposal what you'd like to offer there.

Good luck!
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